Had a great experience with blue and Heather! Thank you so much!

-Tina C

"I just sat down with my dog and actually looked at his nails...she did such a good job! They're perfectly trimmed. Usually we go to XYZ and they're so jagged for days..that they get snagged on everything and cut us."

-Anonymous happy mom

Dexter has been to 4 places to get his nails done and no-one has been able to do them. So happy you were able to do them. THIS was AWESOME. Thank you for working with him and taking the time today. What an amazing service you offer

-Jessica Dexter's mom

Heather came to my house yesterday. She was so good with Bolt. My dog is very scared of new people and does not like his nails touched. Heather made him warm up so quickly. She did a great job clipping his nails. So friendly! We will definitely book again.

Love, love, love The Dog Pawler! Heather put my fussy senior at ease from the moment he met her. She worked so quickly (but thoroughly) he barely noticed. Worth every dime. Mr. Wiley will definitely be seeing Heather again.

My 3 dogs had a wonderful visit with Heather on The Bus today. Heather was great. Love this service and highly recommend Heather for your dog nail clipping needs.

Rogue had his first nail trim with Dog Paw’ler today. Normally we have to give him two medications, deal with throw up in our car on the way to/back from the vet, and they barely trim his nails because he exhibits too much anxiety. Enter Heather! She came right the house, showed us around Gus the Bus, and tended to Rogue very lovingly. Despite his “difficult nature”, she got the job done while keeping a smile on her face. You can tell she loves what she does! We will continue to use Heather for Rogue’s mani/pedis, and strongly recommend you give her a try, too!

We have 3 dogs that go to Heather exclusively for nail trims. Roxie our Boston is a small bundle of nerves and Frankie is cool as a cucumber. Cookie our cleft palate bully is not fond of her paws being touched by anyone including us, she squirms, and she can be very testy. Heather provides such a great service for all dogs especially the difficult ones like Cookie and Roxie. Whether at Benson's Pet Center or in her traveling bus the Dog Paw'ler your dog, easy to difficult, will have the best experience.

It was so quick and easy too, super convenient

The Dog Paw'ler HALLELUJAH is all I can say! Finally we found our nail technician. Maui normally has to be knocked out. Not anymore. Thank you again for doing an amazing job. Although Maui andBrees are still mad at you, we will be back.

We used the Dog Paw’ler for the first time and had a great experience!! Heather was so kind and patient with both my pups and my daughter. Highly recommend them for your nail trimming needs!

I am not sure what magic you have, but Mr. Oscar is grateful for the manicure! You handled this old man with care and confidence! Thank you for making a stressful situation easy and efficient. I am confident we will be seeing you again! Thanks Heather