Introducing The Dog Paw'ler

The convenient and stress-less way to keep your furry friend's nails in tip-top shape! We offer home visits and pop ups (new locations just added)

What We Do

We are a full service NAIL TRIMMING bus. We are not a grooming service.

With over 20 years of experience, we specialize in long nails, black nails, and pets who are very upset about their nail trims. My nail trims are usually quick and easy. Nails are trimmed as short as possible based on the dog and its health. We (at this time) do not do cats. If i'm scheduled for a visit to your home and you want me to try your well behaved cat, I will (please advise ahead of time - but no guarantee I can do it. Make sure your cat is confined (in a carrier) at time of arrival). I DO NOT make appointments for cats only.

Who uses this service:

Multi Pet homes.

Elderly/Young dogs.

Anyone uncomfortable at the vet/groomer.

Those who get sick or nervous in the car.

Those fearful of nail trims.

Anyone who loves personalized service.

Anyone with a busy schedule (ask about “while at work” service).

Those who were told anesthesia is the only way to get nails done.

Those who have little time to make an extra trip to vet/groomer/store.

Anyone who needs extra TLC between grooming appts.


Dog Nail Trimming $25

Home Charge +$20

We will come to you! We travel an 8 mile radius from our Halfmoon base.

Difficult Nail Charge +$10-$15

(Yes, a difficult large dog will have additional fees. In time, we hope the difficult fee will not be needed)


ADD ONS TO NAIL CHARGE (not able to schedule just these services):

Pad hair Trim/Clipping $10-$15

Face Trim $10 and up

Tick Removal $10

Large Dog Handling Fee $15+ (rarely used but there is needed)

Payment types: Cash, Credit Card or Venmo. Thank you

Home visits are midday during the week. No weekend home visits

DO NOT bring a dog on the bus that has Fleas. You will be charged to “de-flea” the bus and all appointments for the remainder of the day (that I will have to reschedule to de-flea the bus).

You will be provided with a quote for your appointment based on the services requested and your location, prior to the appointment. Please fill out the Appointment Request Form.


(new for 2024)

After completion of 6 nail trims ($25 each), the 7th will be only $5!!!!


Types of Appointments

Nail Pop-Up Clinics

"Walk in" with no pre-booked individual appointment time. We will team up with local businesses to use their parking lot to service the local dogs. You can find these locations in the "find the bus" tab.

We advise a home visit if you know your dog is difficult (usually needs sedation, known thrasher/biter)

LOYALTY PROGRAM (new for 2024) for ALL pop ups:

After completion of 6 nail trims ($25 each), the 7th will be only $5!!!!

Home Visit

Clifton Park/Halfmoon/Mechanicville Area Only

Please fill out our Appointment Request Form.

$20 (added to nail charge )home visit charge for those in my 8mile radius from my Halfmoon home base. We do not travel very far for home visits, its just not possible with a "senior" vehicle.

We will match your pet's nail trim needs with our schedule. We will call/text/email to set up the appointment.

Home visits are midday during the week. No weekend home visits at this time.


Organize your friends/family/neighbors and book an appointment for 5+ dogs (save $20 home fee charge). I park in one space and your group comes to me at a select time. Book for 10+ dogs and the organizer will earn one FREE dog nail trim that day.

All group appoitments still need to fall in the area that i drive. Please reach out to with questions on areas where i will do a group appointment.d

Please fill out our Appointment Request Form.


If your organization (rescue/business/shelter/school/etc) is interested in a "fundraiser", ask about booking a 2hr "walk up nail clinic" and how we can help you raise funds by "advertising" the event for us. We can either do a discounted service for your event, or a % of our full price will be paid (at the event close) to the host/group as an "advertising" fee. Everyone wins.

Our Service Area

“Gus” the bus has an 8(ish) mile radius that we cover. We charge a home fee of $20 to cover gas/drive time. Consider teaming up with a neighbor or three to share the home fee.

Halfmoon, Clifton Park, Mechanicville (upto Stillwater town line) Malta upto the exit 12 roundabout

Halfmoon side of Waterford. Not all of Waterford is in our area.

Rexford/BlueBarn Road area (do not cross the mohawk bridge)

Please note we can NOT navigate the small roads of Round Lake Village. I can meet you at the ballpark parking area.

Please make sure we can easily park an “airport shuttle bus” at your home with ease of driving in and out. Please give me a driveway description at time of appointment request. Extremely steep driveways are not possible (learned by trying)


Yes. We do have a “travel charge” to come to your address with our bus. For example: $25 nail trim charge + $20 home visit charge = $45 total.





Do you charge extra to come to my house?

What is the "while at work" service?

In a busy world, I want to make sure your dogs nails are covered. Making it one less thing to worry about. After your first appointment we can arrange for access to your home while you are at work via garage door code/key/keypad. Payment can be left in a secure area in the home and I will text when I arrive and upon completion. This was my most requested service when I mobile groomed.



How will my appointment look?

After review of your request for an appointment, I will contact you with a date for your area . If this day works for you I will reach back out 1-2 days before that appointment to give you a window of time for my arrival. As we start to set routine appointments we will be able to narrow down the window of arrival. Currently our hours are midday. There are no morning appointments or evening appointments at this time.



What if we have an emergency?

These happen both for you and me. I will contact you if I ever have to change an appointment because of an emergency, mechanical or weather problems. Please note one emergency can lead to a day of changes and reflect on many appointments. Repetitive emergencies may end our services to your family. I need to keep a schedule. Please be kind-if someone on your day has an emergency it may effect everyone on the schedule and I will have to make changes that day.



Do you have night hours? Morning?

Currently we do not. Our home appts usually start around 1pm.



What about the dogs that really struggle with their nails?

I really hope my service starts to help them realize that this doesn’t need to be so horrible. I’ve seen really difficult dogs turn around with some routine care. Plus the benefit of having only ONE person work with them instead of multiple people every time. Working with one person really is a plus. I do ask you to stay and help me because they often do better with mom/dad next to them. I have a very large table that goes to 8inches off the floor (easy to step up on). I also have “slings”, a restraint and muzzles if needed. HOME visits are always the best option for these dogs.

I also know some dogs will never get used to it. And I’m ok with that too. We can work with most dogs. PLEASE give me a heads up of your dogs past issues with nails so I can be BEST prepared with the visit. Not telling me in advance will not make the experience easier.



Do you have a Loyalty Program?

YES! The loyalty program was just added in January 2024. We have a punch card that you need to bring to each appointment (i cant replace lost cards or punches). After the 6th paid visit ($25 each), you will earn the 7th trim for only $5. This will help offset some of the costs. We may even have a raffle at the end of the year for all the completed cards.

How to be ready for our arrival

Arrival is always the most important. Please make sure that your dog is on a leash or all room doors are closed so no one can hide in a closet or under a bed. Each appointment is only a few minutes long and when we have to search for a dog this may take your whole time. So have them ready to head out to the bus upon my arrival.

First appointment maybe a little slower so we all get used to the process. You are welcome on the Bus so long as it works well for your dog(s). I may ask you to help me hold your dog if needed or even ask you to leave if appropriate. My goal is to have less stress and a very short time on the table.

Very small dogs may do better with you holding them. I also have a sling to use if needed. Small dogs (with small legs) are hard to do while standing up on table. We muzzle only if risk of being bitten is a threat. We do restrain on the table to make sure no-one jumps off the table or makes contact (aka tries to bite me or you)

Please take note:

We can/do work with difficult dogs (with added fees) but we have a limit as to how much we can do. Each dog sets that limit for us.

We do charge if we can not complete the service because of their extreme reactions. I do everything in my power to complete the job with your help.

We do encourage owners to stay with their animals but if it causes excess stress we will ask you to leave. With more than 20 years in the pet grooming industry, we know how to work with animals so please follow any guidance that we give to assist your nervous dog as much as possible.

Please be aware of all dogs in the area of our doggie bus and keep your dogs on a very short leash. We don't want any unwanted sniffing to cause stress for the 2 or 4 leg'ers.