Who we are

Heather graduated from the NY School of Dog Grooming in October 1999. She started her mobile dog grooming business in 2001 (Dog Gone Lovely) and did that for 15 years till she semi-retired to pursue her love for animals and natural health. She has volunteered in shelters and trimmed thousands of dogs nails over the years. She continued to trim nails after closing up her grooming salon when friends need it or the shelter dogs.

Why we started

Recently we noticed the increased need of many dogs to have their nails trimmed on a regular basis. Many friends were saying they had trouble getting into a groomer or vets office for “only nail trims”. So the idea to buy a bus and travel around the local area to do dog nails was BORN! A rusty shuttle bus was found and converted to the amazing “Gus” the bus that you see now.

What we do

With over 20 years of experience we specialize in long nails, black nails, and pets who are very upset about their nail trims. My nail trims are usually quick and easy. Nails are trimmed as short as possible based on the dog and its health. We (at this time ) only do VERY well behaved cas.. If i’m scheduled for a visit to your home and you want me to try your well behaved cat, I will (please advice ahead of time-but no guarantee I can do it. Make sure cat is confined and catchable at time of arrival).

I DO NOT make appts for cats only. They are welcome at popups.