Cancellation/Forgotten Appointment Rules:

Greater than 2 business days notice (48-hours) is required for cancelling or rescheduling for any reason or the customer will be charged for the reserved services and the appointment—due to not only the cancelled appointment but also the lost opportunity to schedule other customers who wanted that same appointment time.

Not home, cancellations, and rescheduling less than 2 business days (48-hours) prior to appointment for any reason result in a bill for 100% of the scheduled service(s).

Leaving a key/code for entry is always an option instead of cancellation. I have 15 years of mobile experience and used this option VERY frequently for busy parents. If this is used and animal hides or is unable to be safely secured to remove from the home, the above fees will be due.

No future appointments will be made until the above services are paid.